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The economy is the US has recently taken a significant turn for the better. Companies across America positioning themselves for growth but yet are faced with the challenges of how to position and market themselves. The BCH Team has been directly involved in responding to those questions for decades. The BCH Team has been helping companies to survive in the tough times of recent times and we, like you, are excited about the potential of a favorable business climate.

After enjoying long and successful careers in manufacturing and sales, the members of BCH Consulting have joined together to offer their experience and learning to companies who are positioning for acquiring a larger piece of this burgeoning economy. Here are some ways we can help you:

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Ways We Can Help

Transitioning & Structuring
Environmental & Quality Mgmt Systems
Sustainability Planning
Certifications: IATF16949 / ISO14001 / ISO9001
Process Design & Implementation
Auditing Services
Lean Processes

IATF16949 transitioning and structuring for those serving the auto industry

The time is right for suppliers to the auto industry to structure and prepare for WINNING new business. IATF Certification is much more than your standard ISO certification... it is about building systems and fully integrating the expectations of IAFT... this will be the differentiating company characteristics which will succeed in WINNING the auto makers business.

Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001 Preparation)

EVERY company should be environmentally conscious. Your customers expect it of you and does the consumers and those in close proximity to where you do business. Just certifying to ISO14001 is not enough… success is about building an environmentally conscious 'culture' and therefore, having a fully integrated and developed EMS (Environmental Management System).

Integrated Quality Management Systems

The old way of thinking about product ‘Quality’ is gone. Quality can no longer be achieve at the 'department' level. Only a fully developed and integrated QMS will deliver upon your customer’s expectations. It is all about 'thinking' differently about Quality and doing it so that employees can understand it within the context of a 'system'.

Sustainability Planning

If you are seeking business with the major OEM's of the automotive industry for example, one of the first things they will request of new and even current suppliers (via questionaries' and surveys) is a program for company 'Sustainability'.

ISO9001 Certification

An 'entry level' certification now days, your preparations for ISO9001 will be only marginal unless done within an effective Quality Management System. BCH Consulting can help.

Process design and implementation

Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Operational Systems... all depend upon effectively designed and implemented Processes, Procedures and Work Instructions.

Operations and Quality Systems auditing

How are you doing to your current documented processes and procedures? Wondering why you have recurring customer issues? Is every day a struggle to meet customer orders and expectations? Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help but not just any eyes... BCH can bring decades of manufacturing experience to service.

2nd Party Auditing Services

Your customers are now expecting a 'seamless supply chain' and thus, are expecting even greater involvement on your part in 'your' supply base. Everything from supplier selection and approval processes to monitoring performance and even 'development' have become common place expectations. Further, IATF16949 requires 'Second Party Audits'... have you thought about how to achieve this in an efficient and cost-effective way?

Lean Manufacturing Systems

The concepts and 'tools' of Lean Manufacturing have been around for decades. The reality is that all of the above is to some degree dependent upon the mastery of Lean Thinking. If you haven’t thought about Lean thus far, think about it now. It is about 'the elimination of waste'. An inefficient and resource wasteful company will have an up-hill battle to achieving any of the above.

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